A Crypto Fund that offers more than just money

World Tech is shaping the way and solving the issues in the VC world by introducing new processes that involve Advisory, Transparent Methods and Quicker Returns by utilizing Blockchain Tech.




How it works?

3 Tiers for Simplicity, Efficiency, Transparency

Tier 1: Project Identification

World Tech utilizes a network of Business Developers and Partners that scout for Startups that have potential for massive growth around the world at blockchain conferences, events, meetups and more. Project is reviewed further by WT Core Team for viability, feasibility and sustainability. 


Tier 2: Project Advisory

Once project is selected and approved, the World Tech Core Team of experts help advise and package the Startup’s entire Business Model, Legal, Jurisdiction, Branding, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Tokenomics, Investment and More. 


Tier 3: Project Funding

Projects that are ready for funding will go through 2 series of Votes. Private Board of Members which consist of World Tech Core Members and the Public Board of Members which are World Tech Token Holders. Funding of $100k+ will be given to Startups in Tranches to ensure Founders are meeting their goals.

Portfolio Performance

Complete detailed list of company overview, performance, news, incoming gains and more.


Get notified to Vote on projects whether they should receive funding or not. 


Every month the Startups in World Tech’s Portfolio publish detailed reports of their current status and developments on Project.


Offering a full set of transparency by systemizing the process and making data public to see. From Vault Address, Ledger Sheets, Chain Activity Linkage, Incoming Projects, Projects Vetting Stages, Voting, Funding, Project Performance & Status, Incoming Revenue, Profit Distribution much more.


Be apart of the project’s community to follow progress, share discussion and developments throughout the entire growth of the Startup.


Use our wallet to securely store, send and receive World Tech Tokens, BTC, ETH and ERC20 Tokens.


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